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Pharmaceutical Waste Incinerator System

Pharmaceutical Waste Incinerator
Pharmaceutical Waste Incinerators: (For Solid Liquid Common Waste)
The Pharmaceutical Wastes means; any soiled or liquid waste that is generated while research & development, sampling, testing or production, mainly in Pharmaceutical industry. Discarding of Pharmaceutical waste is a must as it is one of the hazardous wastes for human life and Global Enviornment. The Discarding of this type of Pharma Waste is only possible with the correct Pharmaceutical Incinerator system. Pharmaceutical Industries normally generate Solid type waste & Liquid waste also. For incineration of both the waste in one system, we can use dual waste incinerator. Which can incinerate solid and liquid, both the waste. Such common waste incinerator is used for disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste, Medical Waste, Biomedical waste, etc. 

Normally we don't just make incinerator, but We Design it as per specific waste. Before that, we ask to get as much information as possible about the waste. We calculate the flue gases and impurities generation while disposal of the waste. For common waste dual primary chamber incinerator, we have to calculate the smoke and flue gases perfectly & We have inhouse testing laboratiry for testing of the waste.

We design the incinerators with Emission Standards, Norms & Guidelines for manufacturing the incinerators. Though Primary & Secondary Chamber's working temperatures are 850 C & 1100 C, We make them to Withstand Higher Temperature up to 1200 C & 1400 C for Longer Life of the incinerator System. If possible, we also provide option for Heat Recovery. We also care for Lower Fuel Consumption while incineration.


Diagram of Solid Liquid Common Waste Incinerator
Combustion efficiency 99.99%
Combustion Chamber Dual Chamber
Operating temperature 850 C in Primary Chamber & 1100 C in Secondary Chamber
Waste Type Solid & Liquid Waste
Emission Standard As per IS / EURO OR Any Other
Gas residence time 1.5 to 2 seconds
Chimney height 30 Meters (100 Feet) or as per specific requirements.

Just Send us the details like, Which type of waste do you want to incinerate? (Solid / Semi Sloid, Paste type,  Liquid or Gaseous type) As much details of waste as possible or send a Sample of your waste. How much Quantity do you want to incinerate? (Per Day & Per Hour for both, Solid & Liquid) Which Emission Standards do you want to follow? 

Contact Us: Once we get the details, We will send you complete detailed Quotation with technical specifications.

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