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Upgradation of Incinerators

Incinerator Upgradation & Modification

Upgradation of Incinerators: Normally, the Upgradation is required when you need to increase the capacity of incinerator or you have to incinerate the waste other than the waste for which, the incinerator is designed. In both the case, we have to inspect your incinerator and we can suggest you the upgradation or modification in the system to fulfill your need.

If you need to change the chamber for such upgradation, we will guide you to take the correct decision. Sometimes, when a user, already have the incinerator for Liquid Waste and want to upgrade the incinerator for Solid Waste, We can prepare the new chamber for Solid Waste and also keep the chamber for Liquid waste. The system can be run for either Solid of Liquid Waste at a time. In some case, it can be used for both type of waste together, if the connected equipment are capable enough.

Sometimes, you may need to upgrade the system to meet the required emission norms. If your incinerator is unable to maintain the percentage of CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, Particulate, Visible emissions - Opacity, Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur dioxide, Organics, Dioxins & Furans, PCB, HCl Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Fluoride. Chlorinated organics, TI, Cd, Sb, Pb, Co, As, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni, V, Hg, or any other as per your emission standard; Please contact us.

If you are unable to get the efficiency of the incinerator, or any other problem of refractory lining, Epoxy Color coat, Electronics or electrical Problem, PLC Program Problems, Burner Problem, Burner Automation problem, Back Fire Problem, emergency stack operation problems, incomplete combustion problem, Black smoke problem, Odor / smell problems, Higher fuel consumption problem, Higher Skin Temperature Problem, Droplet Separator or Bag Filter requirement, Problem of Water drop at Chimney, etc. Please Contact Us. We will share our view by our experience, which may be helpful for you.

Contact us with the details of your requirement for Incinerator Upgradation, Modification, Automation, etc.


We Provide Complete Solution for Waste Disposal Equipment. Solid Waste Incinerators, Liquid Waste Incinerators, Gas Waste Incinerators, Medical Waste, Hazardous Waste Incinerators, Pharmaceutical Waste, Bio Medical, Clinical Laboratory Waste, Any type of General Waste, Municipal Waste, Domastic Waste, Canteen Waste, Township Waste, Industrial Waste Incinerators, etc.

Our Incinerators are Suitable for almost all type of waste. We design as per clients specific need and budget. Please contact us for your need.

Our Normal / Regular Range of Incinerators...

Just Send us the details like, Which type of waste do you want to incinerate? (Solid / Semi Sloid, Paste type,  Liquid or Gaseous type) As much details of waste as possible or send a Sample of your waste. How much Quantity do you want to incinerate? (Per Day & Per Hour) Which Emission Standards do you want to follow? 

Contact Us: Once we get the details, We will send you complete detailed Quotation with technical specifications.

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