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Solid Waste Incinerator
Global Engi-Tech Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in the year of 2003, is one of the Leading companies of Incineration Technology manufacturing Incinerator, Waste Disposal Systems, Process Equipment, Waste to Energy System, Turnkey Projects for Waste to Electricty Generation, etc. Our technical experts have large experience for Designing efficient, cost effective & fuel economic Incinerators. We Design, Manufacture, Eraction and Service all type of Incineration System as per the clients specific need. The company is having Very large customer base with 100% Satisfaction with the products and services. Our experts are providing not only the correct products but complete solution for the waste from any industry.

The Range of our standard Incinerators for 1 Kg per hour to 2500 Kg per Hour for almost All Type of Waste from any industry, Like Bio-Medical, Hospitals, Medical college, Medical research Centers, Animal Houses, Dead Body Storage Homes, Pharmaceutical Industry, Hotel Waste like meat & Chicken bones, Hazardous waste, Municipal Waste, Sludge Waste, Automobile Waste, Paper Industry waste, Textile Mills / Textile Industry waste, Chemical Waste, Oil Paint Waste, Plastic Waste (with High Carbon contents), Rubber Tyre & Rubber Industry waste, Engineering Waste / Waste Water, Electronics Waste, Waste Oil Plant Clay, Drilling Waste, Glue Waste, Oil Waste or any other waste. Special Incinerator for higher capacity as per special need. We also design the Incinerators with Heat Recovery, Incinerator with Boiler & Steam Turbine for electricity generation.

The Company has Technical Experts to Make Analysis and report for Your Waste and able to provide you the Perfect though Low Cost Solution for Incineration and having the office in Gandhinagar, the Capital of Gujarat State in India, which is connected to Ahmedabad city and Ahmedabad Airport. The company has wide experience of designing of incinerators and waste disposal system. Equipment for disposal of Waste needs precious calculations and our expert team design the perfect system for all the need.

Flue gas calculations, Scrubber design for cleaning of smoke gases and release the smoke as per emission standard is the first need of the incinerator and we know it very well that, only a perfect design can make it possible. We design over capacity incinerator to avoide any type of failure in the incinerator. We provide Smoke Gas monitoring system / continuous manitoring system for the smoke gases in Chimney.


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Just Send us the details like, Which type of waste do you want to incinerate? (Solid / Semi Sloid, Paste type,  Liquid or Gaseous type) As much details of waste as possible or send a Sample of your waste. How much Quantity do you want to incinerate? (Per Day & Per Hour) Which Emission Standards do you want to follow? 

Contact Us: Once we get the details, We will send you complete detailed Quotation with technical specifications.

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