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Because we Understand
How important Waste Disposal is...
Not only the complete Disposal as per Emission Standard,
But also Care of Environment
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Just relax, We design the plant as per your need,
The perfect incineration is our motto
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Dual Chamber Incineration
For complete combustion in insulated Chambers,
with Safety norms
Complete Scrubbing
Flue gases / smoke processed in dual scrubbing system,
Clear smoke discharge to care Environment
Since 2003
Think for incineration only when you don't have any other option
Think Twice
Your waste may be useful for others, if so, don't incinerate it

If your waste is Hazardous / such catagery OR
If you think that, disposal of your waste is a must




Incineration is a Process of Combustion of the Waste which dispose off the Organic Substances and other Harmful contents in the Waste. 

The High Temperature Waste Treatment / Burning of the Waste in Incinerator System Converts the Waste in to Ash (Non Harmful and can be used in Land Filling), Flue Gas (As per Emission Standard) and Heat (Which can be used with Heat Recovery System for Steam Generation, Electric Power Generation, Water Heating, etc).

The Incinerator System Release the Flue Gases in the Atmosphere with Pre-Defined norms of Pollution Control Board. For Which, the System consists Dual Combustion Chambers, Venture Scrubbers, Wet Scrubber, Cyclone Particle Remover, Chimney, etc. Which helps to Clean the Fume and release environment friendly Flue Gases in the Atmosphere.

The Incinerator Systems help us to dispose off Hazardous Waste & other harmful Waste very safely and to keep the environment Clean. Incinerator Systems reduce the Solid mass of the Waste to 98%. 

Incinerator Systems are Widely Used for Treatment & Dispose off Clinical Waste, Pathology Laboratory Waste, Hospital Waste, Toxic Waste, Bio Medical Waste, Municipal Waste, Industrial Solid Waste, Industrial Liquid Waste, Waste Water Incineration, Fume Waste, Gaseous Waste, Glue Waste, etc. Which can't be reused.

We at Global, Help you to get the Incinerator System as per the Norms and for incineration as per emission standards.

Just Contact Us for your Need and get complete technical deails of incinerators. 

Global Incinerators is a manufacturer of incinerator for All type of Waste. Incinerator System are available for Chemical Waste, Industrial Salt, High COD Material, Dyes Waste, Ink Waste, Acidic Waste, Liquor Waste, Heat Stable Salts, Insecticides, Herbicides, Pesticides, Fungicides Waste, Mixed Liquor Wastewater, Suspended Solids In Wastewater, Agricultural Chemical Waste, Paint Waste Disposal, Hazardous Household Waste, B3 Category Dangerous Waste Disposal Incinerator, Ethanolamine, Aminoethanol, Monoethanolamine, ETA, MEA Waste Disposal Incinerator, Solid waste policy in the United States, Alcohol From Sulphite Waste Liquor, Organic Chemical Waste, Inorganic Chemical Waste, Sulphate Waste Liquor Incineration System, Black Liquor Waste, Kier Liquor Waste, Toxic Waste, Biological Waste, Chemical Hygiene Waste Disposal, COSHH, Radioactive waste, Chemical Waste, Electronic Waste, Environmental Waste, Hazardous Chemical Waste, Waste Recycling, Chemical Waste Storage & Treatment Plant, Chemical Waste Containers, Disposing Chemical Waste, Biodegradable Waste Incinerators, Hazardous Waste Safe Disposal System, Grey Water Waste Incinerators, Chemical Laboratory Waste, Laboratory Animal Waste, Winery wastewater, Large Size Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators. We Also Provide Mixed City Waste Incinerators, Hospital Waste Incineration System, Medical Waste Incinerator, History of waste management, Household Waste, Residual Waste, Coffee Wastewater Incinerators, Kitchen Waste, Household Hazardous Waste, Sewage Sludge Incineration System, Business Waste Commercial Waste Incinerators, Consumable Waste, Industrial Waste, Foundry waste, Human Waste, Slug, Slurry, Sludge, Fly Ash, Medical Waste, Bio-Medical Waste, Radioactive Waste, Nuclear Waste Disposal System, Low Level & High Level Nuclear Waste, Spent Nuclear Fuel, List of waste management acronyms, Electronic Waste (E-waste) Disposal Incinerators, Green Waste Farm Waste Incinerators, Food Waste, Restaurant & Hotel Waste Incinerators, Mixed Waste Incinerators, Post-Consumer Waste, Toxic waste, Solid Wastes Disposal System, Liquid Wastes Disposal System, Biomedical Waste Incinerators, Bulky Waste Incineration, Domestic Waste Incineration, Litter Organic Waste, Inert waste, List of waste Disposal Incidents, Clinical Waste Incinerators, Gaseous Wastes Disposal System, Animal by-products Waste Incineration System, Industrial Symbiosis, Construction and Demolition Waste / C&D waste Incinerators, Controlled Waste Disposal, Composite Waste Incineration System, Demolition Waste, Recyclable Waste, Sharps Waste, Slaughterhouse Waste, Sewage Waste Incinerator, Retail Hazardous Waste Disposal Incinerators, Packaging Waste, Factory Waste, Wngineering Workshop Waste, Cutting Oil Fluid Water Mix Cotton Waste, Grease Waste, Abrassive Material Waste, Adhesive Waste, Oil Paint Waste, Construction Waste, Garbage Waste Disposal, Rubber Products Waste, Plastic Products Waste Incinerators, Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators, etc. We also Provide services for Modification of Incinerators, Fuel Burner Modification, Heat Recovery for Lower Fuel Consumption, Fire Bricks Lining For Incinerator, Upgrade For Higher Temperature in Chamber of Incinerators, etc. We also Prepare Small Electric Operated Incinerators including Sanitary Napkins Disposal Unit, Sanitary Napkins Incinerator, Small Incinerators, Cotton Waste Incinerators, Biomedical waste, Cradle-to-cradle Food waste, etc. Please Contact Us for your Requirements. 

Just Send us the details like, Which type of waste do you want to incinerate? (Solid / Semi Sloid, Paste type,  Liquid or Gaseous type) As much details of waste as possible or send a Sample of your waste. How much Quantity do you want to incinerate? (Per Day & Per Hour) Which Emission Standards do you want to follow? 

Contact Us: Once we get the details, We will send you complete detailed Quotation with technical specifications.

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